ALL ARNESON: Arneson brothers sweep Modified doubleheader at Red River Valley Speedway

Austin Arneson Victory Lane

By Mike Spieker

WEST FARGO, N.D. (Aug. 1, 2020) – Red River Valley Speedway hosted some of the nation’s top modified talent on Saturday night with the running of the ninth annual Sander’s Metal Products Modified Challenge, as a part of the Red River Modified Tour.

The first leg of the Red River Modified Tour began at race tracks near the Red River of the South in Texas over the 4th of July weekend. This weekend, Norman County Raceway in Ada, Minn. and Red River Valley Speedway hosted the second leg of the second tour.

The tour took the best three races combined between the northern and southern legs of the tour, with the driver having the best overall average finishing position winning $5,000 and a provisional starting spot in the main event at the Duel in the Desert – a crown jewel modified race – at the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Several drivers from Texas, as well as drivers from other states across the Midwest, made the trip north.

Red River Valley Speedway points leader, Austin Arneson, dominated the first 25-lap feature, which doubled as the Sanders Modified Challenge event. The Fargo driver started on the pole and led every trip around the three-eighths-mile oval. He was followed to the checkers by Casey Arneson and Dave Shipley.

Needing to finish second or better to clinch the tour championship, Arneson left little doubt in the second 25-lapper. Drawing the pole position, Arneson again led every lap to take the win in convincing fashion.

“We’ve got things going pretty good right now,” said Arneson of his recent success. “This is definitely [a season] to remember.”

As he did in the first feature, Casey Arneson charged from 10th to finish second in feature number two.


All Finish Concrete A Feature 1: 1. 10-Austin Arneson[1]; 2. 2A-Casey Arneson[10]; 3. 72-Dave Shipley[4]; 4. 19D-Darin Duffy[7]; 5. 84-Michael Johnson[17]; 6. 12F-Greg Friestad[6]; 7. 6D-Dylan Goplen[9]; 8. 12-Cody Leonard[25]; 9. 3S-Jesse Skalicky[8]; 10. 12A-Matt Aukland[11]; 11. 33-Allen Kent[20]; 12. 60-Tyler Hall[21]; 13. 40-Rob VanMil[24]; 14. 86C-Darren Pfau[3]; 15. 91-Craig Oakes[14]; 16. 21-Jamie Schulz[16]; 17. 88XXX-Randy Klein[5]; 18. 0-Jeff Odden[26]; 19. 2*-Cole Babcock[15]; 20. 96-Erv Grossman[22]; 21. (DNF) 02-Jordan Sours[18]; 22. (DNF) 12C-Nick Curtis[23]; 23. (DNF) 71-Trent Grager[13]; 24. (DNF) 28-Cody Blixt[2]; 25. (DNF) 44F-Fred Wojtek[12]; 26. (DNF) 30-Cole Neset[19]

All Finish Concrete Heat 1: 1. 3S-Jesse Skalicky[2]; 2. 44F-Fred Wojtek[3]; 3. 2A-Casey Arneson[5]; 4. 12A-Matt Aukland[4]; 5. 71-Trent Grager[6]; 6. 21-Jamie Schulz[7]; 7. 30-Cole Neset[1]; 8. (DNF) 96-Erv Grossman[8]

All Finish Concrete Heat 2: 1. 12F-Greg Friestad[1]; 2. 72-Dave Shipley[7]; 3. 88XXX-Randy Klein[4]; 4. 28-Cody Blixt[2]; 5. 91-Craig Oakes[9]; 6. 84-Michael Johnson[6]; 7. 33-Allen Kent[5]; 8. 12C-Nick Curtis[3]; 9. (DNF) 12-Cody Leonard[8]

All Finish Concrete Heat 3: 1. 19D-Darin Duffy[1]; 2. 6D-Dylan Goplen[4]; 3. 86C-Darren Pfau[6]; 4. 10-Austin Arneson[3]; 5. 2*-Cole Babcock[5]; 6. 02-Jordan Sours[2]; 7. 60-Tyler Hall[8]; 8. 40-Rob VanMil[9]; 9. 0-Jeff Odden[7]

All Finish Concrete A Feature 2: 1. 10-Austin Arneson[1]; 2. 2A-Casey Arneson[10]; 3. 44F-Fred Wojtek[2]; 4. 12-Cody Leonard[5]; 5. 3S-Jesse Skalicky[3]; 6. 12A-Matt Aukland[15]; 7. 6D-Dylan Goplen[4]; 8. 72-Dave Shipley[8]; 9. 84-Michael Johnson[7]; 10. 12F-Greg Friestad[9]; 11. 60-Tyler Hall[12]; 12. 86C-Darren Pfau[11]; 13. 28-Cody Blixt[13]; 14. 33-Allen Kent[14]; 15. 40-Rob VanMil[6]; 16. 91-Craig Oakes[21]; 17. 21-Jamie Schulz[16]; 18. 02-Jordan Sours[20]; 19. 12C-Nick Curtis[25]; 20. 71-Trent Grager[23]; 21. 2*-Cole Babcock[19]; 22. 0-Jeff Odden[24]; 23. 96-Erv Grossman[22]; 24. (DNF) 88XXX-Randy Klein[17]; 25. (DNF) 19D-Darin Duffy[18]; 26. (DNS) 30-Cole Neset

All Finish Concrete Heat 1: 1. 10-Austin Arneson[1]; 2. 12F-Greg Friestad[4]; 3. 84-Michael Johnson[5]; 4. 6D-Dylan Goplen[6]; 5. 28-Cody Blixt[9]; 6. 21-Jamie Schulz[8]; 7. 2*-Cole Babcock[7]; 8. 96-Erv Grossman[2]; 9. (DNS) 12C-Nick Curtis

All Finish Concrete Heat 2: 1. 72-Dave Shipley[1]; 2. 2A-Casey Arneson[6]; 3. 3S-Jesse Skalicky[3]; 4. 12-Cody Leonard[7]; 5. 33-Allen Kent[5]; 6. 88XXX-Randy Klein[8]; 7. 02-Jordan Sours[4]; 8. 71-Trent Grager[9]; 9. (DNS) 30-Cole Neset

All Finish Concrete Heat 3: 1. 86C-Darren Pfau[2]; 2. 60-Tyler Hall[3]; 3. 44F-Fred Wojtek[5]; 4. 40-Rob VanMil[1]; 5. 12A-Matt Aukland[6]; 6. 19D-Darin Duffy[4]; 7. 91-Craig Oakes[7]; 8. 0-Jeff Odden[8]