Duel in the Desert Podcast Ep 4: Christy Barnett

In Episode 4 of the Duel in the Desert Podcast, we meet driver of the No. 44 Modified, Christy Barnett.

Barnett has been racing for 41 years and still races multiple classes every weekend. She has won the Legends race at The Duel in the Desert two years in a row and has come very close to winning the main event. The veteran driver from El Paso, Texas, is hungry for the win and she’s coming to duel for one in Vegas!

The Karl Chevrolet Duel in the Desert at the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway will be held November 8-13, 2021 with Super Late Models competing for $50,000 on Saturday, Nov. 13. The Duel in the Desert is the finale of the Karl Chevrolet Double Down Triple Crown presented by Arizona Sport Shirts, where Super Late Model drivers who attempt to compete in every event at Bristol, Texas and Vegas will double their payout after the Duel. Tickets and race info are available now at www.duelvegas.com. You can also catch all the action at www.racexr.plus with your XR+ subscription.