Gould, Mikulencak, and Temple Sweep; Gaylord Wins Bash from the Beach Night Two At South Texas

William Gould Victory Lane

By Steven Young

CORPUS CHRISTI, Tex. (Jan. 16, 2021) – Oklahoma native William Gould and Texas natives Marcus Mikulencak and Tryton Temple followed up their Friday night wins with victories on Saturday night, while Colorado’s Ryan Gaylord picked up the Stock Car win during the final night of Bash from the Beach at the South Texas Speedway in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Gould and Jeffrey Abbey led the field to the drop of the green in the forty lap Modified feature.

Gould led the opening lap as Arkansas’ Brint Hartwick moved up to second and challenged Gould for the lead on the second lap.

Hartwick took the lead on the backstretch on the fourth circuit, as Philip Houston looked to take the final spot on the podium from Friday night runner-up Cody Leonard.

Houston briefly took second on a lap six restart, before Gould caught back up with Hartwick for the lead.

Gould nosed ahead on the high side at the line at the end of lap seven.

Houston proceeded to take second from Hartwick at the quarter pole of the race, then Houston edged Gould on a couple occasions while the pair caught up to the rear of the field with thirteen in the books.

Houston avoided disaster when a lapped car spun in front of his No. 8J in turns three and four on lap fourteen.

Houston and Hartwick swapped second and third on the restart, as Gould pulled away a bit before a caution near the halfway point.

Leonard improved to second on the ensuing restart, while Kale Westover climbed to fourth and eventually third.

Houston and Westover swapped third and fourth until another caution with fifteen laps to go.

Leonard resumed his attempts at victory on Gould for the following handful of laps, as Houston and Westover continued their dogfight for third.

Westover finally won the battle for third, and set his sights on Leonard for second while Gould pulled away.

Gould was about to negotiate through traffic again with six remaining, but a caution saved him from starting that task.

Westover used the highside a couple of times in a bid for the lead on the final restart, but to no avail as Gould won over Leonard again. Westover, Houston, and New Mexico’s Cory Davis completed the top five.

“There were a bunch of fast guys here,” Gould said postrace. “I messed up a couple of times, but I could feel it. I pulled the left rear shock in two, and I had to keep the car down with the brake pedal.” Gould also finished the race on seven cylinders.

Ryan Gaylord Victory Lane

The twenty lap Stock Car feature was scheduled to have George Egbert and Shelby Williams lead the field to the start of the race, but Williams was unable to start, moving Gaylord to the outside of the front row.

Gaylord took advantage of the improvement of his starting position, leading the opening six circuits, before a caution bunched the field back up for the only restart of the race.

Egbert stayed within inches of Gaylord’s back bumper through the midway point of the race, but Gaylord was able to build a decent lead shortly thereafter.

Colby Deming caught up with Egbert, as the pair went door-to-door with eight to go, and eventually made the pass the following lap.

Egbert was able to take second back, however, as Gaylord pulled away by a straightaway with four circuits remaining.

Friday night’s winner Jeffrey Abbey wore out Deming for the final podium spot, as Gaylord continued on to victory over Egbert, Deming, and Abbey.

“We’ll take it,” Gaylord said in victory lane. “Track threw me for a loop, but that was a fun last ride. This is a tough track, but it paid off coming down here.”

Tryton Temple Victory Lane

Johnny Johnson and Marty Chamberlain made up the front row at the beginning of the twenty lap Factory Stock main event, with Johnson beating Chamberlain back to the line to lead the opening round.

Ryan Carlucci challenged Chamberlain for second, and brought Colt Beaver with him into third.

The top three pulled away, as Beaver took second from Carlucci with five in the books.

Dillon Gaither was the next to make moves inside the top three, as he used the top to pass Carlucci on a lap seven restart.

Carlucci was charged with a caution for spinning Beaver, setting up another restart.

Gaither took second, then challenged for the lead, taking the top spot with eight complete.

Chamberlain regained third, and then second, utilizing the high side with nine laps done.

Friday’s winner Tryton Temple was the next to make multiple passes in short order, as he motored past fourth and third before another caution just past the halfway point.

Temple needed only two laps after the restart to take the lead, as Gaither and Beaver battled for second. Gaither spun with six remaining, causing a big pileup that was eventually charged to Beaver.

On the restart, Joey Heinaman made significant contact with the turn three wall, causing him to flip. Though Heinaman emerged from his destroyed mount un-scathed, longtime South Texas announcer Nick Robbins said, “that’s the most air I’ve seen someone get in all my time here.”

The top three pulled away from the rest of the field on the final restart, as Temple went on to win over Gaither, Johnny Torres, Daniel Preston, and Allen Torres.

Marcus Mikulencak

Louisiana’s Wyatt Wilkerson and Jared Maupin led the field to the green in the twenty-five lap Limited Mod feature.

Edward Oakes joined the lead duo, as the new trio went three-wide in turns three and four. Maupin went on to lead the opening circuit.

One caution and two called back restarts didn’t shake up the order up front as Maupin continued to lead.

Friday’s Bash from the Beach winner Marcus Mikulencak improved to the final podium spot before the fifth caution of the race with just three laps complete.

Mikulencak moved past Oakes for the runner-up spot, as the top four pulled away and became evenly spaced before another slow down with six done.

Mikulencak and Maupin swapped the top spot until another caution on lap eleven.

Maupin was able to build a half straightaway lead by the ten to go mark, improving that advantage to a full straightaway one lap later.

One final caution in the waning laps brought no change to the order, as Maupin crossed under the checkered flag first, but was later disqualified in post race tech.

Mikulencak ended up sweeping the weekend over Oakes, Cody Leonard, GW Hessong, and Tanner Whitmire to cap off the inaugural Bash from the Beach.