2022 Rules for XR Events

General Rules and Procedures

PDF Download REVISED – 6/7/22

XR Late Models

BULLETIN 11/25/22

Beginning with the XRSS Sunshine State 50, teams will be required to maintain a maximum deck height of 39 (thirty-nine) inches the entire width of the rear deck with a tolerance of +1.000″. This will be measured at the deck, not T-bar.

The highest point on the RF nose must be no higher than 15 (fifteen) inches off the ground measured at the top of the nose. Tech officials will lower the front of the car if it’s higher than 15 inches.

If the droop chain is on the car, the car must have a solid single 1 (one) inch puck or solid chain.

No air, spring, shock, roller skate wheel, or Belleville wash style limiter.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in immediate tech inspection failure. Each competitor will be given 1 (one) opportunity to fix infraction outside of the tech box and roll back around at the end of the line.

Two failures prior to qualifying will forfeit qualifying attempt for competitor.

Two failures prior to heat, qualifying feature or A-main event will result with car starting at the rear of the respective lineup.

Car must pass inspection prior to their event taking the initial green flag.

Except in cases explicitly permitted in the XR rules, installation of additional parts and/or modifications to existing parts to alter measurements to rear deck height and/or nose height will not be permitted at the discretion of XR tech officials.

Only one crew member is allowed in the tech inspection area. The crew member is only allowed to push the car and remove the heat plate. Altering the ride height of the car once in the inspection area will result in a failure.

XR Late Model Rules
PDF Download – REVISED 4/13/22

XR Late Models Race Format
PDF Download – REVISED 5/4/22

XR Stock Cars

XR Stock Car Rules
PDF Download – Revised 10/24/22

XR Modifieds

XR Modified Rules
PDF Download- Revised 10/24/22

XR Modified / Northern Sport Modified Body Template
PDF Download- Posted 10/13/22

XR Northern Sport Modifieds

XR Northern Sport Modified Rules
PDF Download – Posted 10/19/22

XR Modified / Northern Sport Modified Body Template
PDF Download- Posted 10/13/22