XR Super Series Created to Highlight Twenty-Three Race Super Late Model Schedule at Historic Venues in 2022

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All Events Officially Sanctioned as XRSS Races with New Rulebook and XR Technical Inspection Team

SILVER BAY, Minn. (October 5, 2021) – X.CELERATED announces the formation of the “XR Super Series,” a 23-race sanctioned schedule of dirt racing events across the United States beginning in 2022.

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XR Events began an initiative in 2021 to produce and promote major dirt racing events for Super Late Models featuring class superstars and backed by high-paying purses & enticing financial bonuses. In 2022, XR will take that effort a step further with a full slate of 23 race dates under the XR Super Series (XRSS) umbrella.

The goal of the XRSS is to complement existing racing schedules with additional opportunities and to reward independent drivers and teams who choose to race these events. Also, starting in 2022, all 23 of these events will be officially sanctioned as XRSS races with a newly established rulebook and a full-time, in-house technical inspection team.

The XR Super Series will feature stops at Bristol Motor Speedway (Tenn.), the Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway (N.C.), Belleville High Banks (Kan.), Stuart International Speedway (Iowa), the Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track (Texas) and The Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Nev.).

Major payouts are the name of the game within the XRSS, as is evidenced by the $100,000 eight-race points championship at the Karl Kustoms Bristol Dirt Nationals and four $50,000-to-win main event races (Charlotte, Belleville, Texas and Las Vegas). All event feature races pay a minimum of $25,000-to-win.

Also returning for its second year, and this time within the new XR Super Series, is the Karl Chevrolet Double Down Triple Crown presented by Arizona Sport Shirts. The 2022 edition of the Double Down Triple Crown will span three races—Charlotte, Texas and Las Vegas—and will again handsomely reward Super Late Model driver participation. If a driver attempts to qualify for every Super Late Model feature at the Colossal 100, Texas Dirt Nationals and the Duel in the Desert, their payout at the Duel, no matter where they finish, will be doubled. This will provide for a potential $100,000 payday for a Super Late Model driver on Nov. 12 in Las Vegas.

2022 XR Super Series Schedule

March 25Bristol Dirt NationalsBristol Motor Speedway$50,000Chris Madden
March 26Bristol Dirt NationalsBristol Motor Speedway$50,000Chris Ferguson
April 1Bristol Dirt NationalsBristol Motor Speedway$50,000Chris Madden (2)
April 2Bristol Dirt NationalsBristol Motor Speedway$50,000Dale McDowell
Points Champion: $100,000Chris Madden
April 22Florida Dirt NationalsAll-Tech Raceway$25,000Tim McCreadie
April 23Florida Dirt NationalsAll-Tech Raceway$50,000Jonathan Davenport
May 11Colossal 100Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway$25,000 (Triple Double)Chris Madden (3)
May 12Colossal 100Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway$25,000 (Triple Double)Kyle Larson
May 13Colossal 100Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway$25,000 (Triple Double)Rain
May 14Colossal 100Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway$50,000 (Triple Double)Chris Madden (4)
June 13Belleville Dirt NationalsBelleville High Banks (1/2)$20,000Jonathan Davenport (2)
June 14Belleville Dirt NationalsBelleville High Banks (1/4)$40,000Shane Clanton
July 11Fever Heat 100Stuart International Speedway$20,000Jonathan Davenport (3)
July 12Fever Heat 100Stuart International Speedway$20,000Chris Madden (5)
August 8Superior ShowcaseGondik Law Speedway$20,000Shane Clanton (2)
August 9Superior ShowcaseGondik Law Speedway$20,000Chris Madden (6)
September 19Kokomo Dirt NationalsKokomo Speedway$20,000 (Triple Double)Shane Clanton (3)
September 20Kokomo Dirt NationalsKokomo Speedway$40,000 (Triple Double)Tim McCreadie (2)
November 10Duel in the DesertThe Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway$20,000 (Triple Double)Shane Clanton (4)
November 11Duel in the DesertThe Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway$20,000 (Triple Double)Jonathan Davenport (4)
November 12Duel in the DesertThe Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway$40,000 (Triple Double)Bobby Pierce
December 2Sunshine State 50All-Tech Raceway$20,000
December 3Sunshine State 50All-Tech Raceway$40,000

Schedule is tentative and subject to change. Complete 2022 XR Super Series details will be coming soon. Keep up to date with all XRSS event information at: www.xrsuperseries.com.

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